My journey into the world of photography didn't start with an initial interested, but yet a series of artistic collisions. I was always in art classes, studying illustration, painting, and graphic design, then started taking photos in High School for my yearbook and I instantly fell in love! I started trying to photograph everything; my classmates, my friends, places I would hike, buildings, clothing, and food! Anything I could put in front of my lens.

This journey sent me to pursuing a higher education in photography at Antonelli Institute outside of Philadelphia in Chestnut Hill PA. Moving to Philadelphia found me freelancing for interior companies, social media platforms, agencies, and publications.

Since graduating school in May of 2018 I have moved back to my small town in northern PA: The Lehigh Valley, where I continue to work with companies as a Freelancer, Second Shooter, and DigiTech!

In todays day in age of social media I truly believe creating genuine photographs and capturing the moments of life is important for any creative. I want this to show in not only my work for my clients but our relationships.

Feel free to read some recommendations provided by professionals I have worked with through out my career and then hit that contact button below if you'd like to reach out!

"Always eager to do a good job, Konnor can adapt to any situation and get things done. Not only does he do what is needed, he goes above and beyond to do it right. He's a go to hybrid shooter that can switch between photo and video seamlessly and without hesitation. He has great knowledge of all the technical aspects of the trade and is always looking to learn more. He catches on to thing so quickly!" Alex Ferhk | True Fold Media

"Working with Konnor was not only a professional experience but a comfortable and inspiring one. He radiates excitement for his projects and it is infectious. We trusted his guidance and vision for our editorial style photo shoot and couldn't be more pleased." Katelyn | Salon Rooted