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Skating with Harry | DIY Parks Back Home

Harry Mello-1-2.jpg

Harrison Mello

I know this might sound odd, cause well I'm no skater, but there's something calming about being at a skate park. At least from my point of view as a photographer seeing people do what they do best is something that fascinates me, regardless of what that is. (I.E. Music, Skate, Sports, etc.) So when I got back home from school this summer one of the first things I wanted to do was link up with my friend Harrison (or Harry) who introduced me to more of the underground DIY skate scene in my hometown.

Below are some images we shot at one of our local scrapped together parks. This place has been added to and changed so many time over the years by different people coming in and out of the area, and I think that's something about the skate culture I truly do love. The whole lifestyle is very personal to the people; from their boards to their clothes, skate culture is huge on the focus of individualism and creating a uniqe identity.

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